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Zenix material KoreWare Collection

Cardinal 2015 New Products

New Dinnerware | Drinkware | Flatware

KoreWare Brochure

Basic, Essential and Complete: this is the foundation for the KoreWare collection from Arcoroc.

Wine Pour Control

Maximize profits with a controlled pour while enhancing the wine service experience.

New Partnership with Napa Technology!

Cardinal International is now a proud partner with Napa Technology. Napa Technology is revolutionizing the way wine is served. They are innovators of clean-pour dispensing head technology which is only available on WineStation and made in the USA.


Raising our tableware to showcase your culinary individuality and your guests’ sensibilities. Fresh designs, simple quality and pure durability to RAISE the SENSES.

Space Saving Solutions

Durable products that save space and enhance bar service.

The Buffet

Using the right buffetware makes all the difference.

Sylish Flatware

Elegant flatware patterns designed to complete your tabletop offering in style.

Reliable Flatware

High volume, fast-paced, stylish flatware solutions.


Elegant, multi-purpose glassware designed for wine and beverage service

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